Hello there my lovely readers,

Welcome to my blog Speakometer and thank you for visiting :-).

Wondering why the name of my blog is “Speakometer”?

Well, the idea behind this blog was to create a ‘space’ that I can call my own where I can ‘speak out on issues loud and clear’, more from an opinion point of view, a sort of a ‘judgement’ which I pass down to my readers (and get away with, as its my personal blog 😉 ) sometimes by ranting, sometimes by raving, but an opinion nonetheless. So like thermometer, barometer (instruments of measurement), I christened my blog, ‘Speak-o-meter’, or Speakometer.

I primarily write reviews (cinema, books), opinion pieces and stories (of all hues) And, I occasionally write travelogues too, making this blog a colorful juxtaposition of all kinds of creative urges 🙂

I hope, you, my wonderful readers would enjoy reading my blogs as much as I do while penning them. Here’s to the joy of reading and writing!!