Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales #5 (1 min read)

The little girl didn’t know that her father was no more, that he died few months back leaving herself and her mother all alone in this big bad world.

Whenever she would ask of her dad to her mother, she was told that he is up there in the sky, that he is one of those twinkling stars that are shinning bright in the night. All of 3, she one day looked up at those twinkling stars and announced to her mother that she also wants to go and meet her dad up in the sky. Her mother found it almost impossible to explain to her why she couldn’t do that. She tried her best to dissuade her. “Baby, it’s not possible for to you to go up there.” She said.

Many years later, the little girl proved her mother wrong. Up she went there in the sky one day.

As an Astronaut.

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