About me

To some I might come across as a lavaesque hot summer afternoon, blazing, ready to erupt anytime. Blame it on my Gemini instincts, the mercury level is high, almost all the time!

To some, I might be like that bench under the shady tree in the Joggers’ Park, where after a long & tiring walk, one wishes to rest for sometime and have a moment or two to themselves. Amidst the busy lives that we all have, those few moments under the tree is precious, isn’t it?

After digging deep into the oceans and rising high above the topmost mountains, I have finally found the True Purpose of my life. A purpose that was hidden deep inside my soul, in the inner recesses of my mind, alas if only I had searched it there before! And the purpose is to WRITE.

Well, I would like to touch the lives of you beautiful people out there through my words…

You can reach out to me too with your thoughts and opinion at roy.puja03@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Thank you so much Puja, for stopping by my blog and choosing to follow it! I’m much delighted. I too had a look at your blog and found it pretty creative and substantial. Would love to visit your blog posts as they come up. Keep it up. All the best!


  2. Thank you so much sir! I am so glad that you liked my work. This is a new blog, just 2 months old. I wish to continue writing more and more and hope to churn out better work with each time. Seek your blessings in my journey as a writer.


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