Short Stories

Root – Short Story (10 mins read)

This is my Day 18 post and I am Re-Blogging this story for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter. 

My theme for the challenge is ‘Short Stories’




Manorama checked the test kit one more time. It clearly showed two distinct pink lines. This is it, she thought. This can’t be wrong anymore. A sense of immense happiness was shooting up her stomach, going past her throat and now almost touching her ears. She felt out of this world, she felt euphoric!

What happens when too much of happiness gets into your head? Doesn’t it make one a little numb for sometime? Manorama is feeling that numbness somewhere deep inside. A sense of calm is descending upon her.

It is 8 am in the morning and the city of Mumbai is already buzzing with the days’ chores. Manorama has taken an off today, while Dilip, her husband has already left for work. She wasn’t feeling that great this morning and travelling all the way to Lower Parel from her Navi Mumbai residence would have only made her doubly…

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