Short Stories

Que Sera Sera – Short Story (2 mins read)

She had vowed to not eat anything sweet for the next few months as ‘weight-loss’ was the mission which she had to accomplish. She has been pretty hard on herself to attain her weight goals. She practically ditched all major office parties so that she doesn’t end up over-eating. Also she hardly ate from outside these days. Only home cooked food for Torsha Banerjee now. The girl who literally lived on her favourite chicken Biryani has taken complete ‘sanyas’ (sainthood) from such cuisine. Only vegetables and curd for lunch and dinner. No rice or chapati. ‘No carb diet’. This has been her diet chart for the past few weeks now.

This morning she opened her phone and randomly came across a picture of a Bikini clad Marilyn Monroe, the legendary style icon. In the pic Monroe flaunts her fat tummy and thighs. She thought, here was the lady who is still considered as one of the biggest sex icons in the world. The most beautiful woman in history has a bulging tummy, her thighs touch, she is having stretch marks and her boobs are not perky.

How this lady must have cared a damn about what people might think of her fat body. ‘What an amazing example of body positivity!!’ Torsha thought to herself.

She left for her office with a fresh, positive spirit. The whole day was spent with a lot of gusto & a newly discovered positivity deep within. While coming back, she hit her favourite sweet meat shop ‘Hindustan Sweets’. The man on the counter welcomed her with a smiled. He said, ‘madam after such a long time you came today. Where you not coming to this area? Did you go somewhere for a vacation or something?’

‘Yes dada (brother), I had gone somewhere far but now am back.’ She rerurned that reassuring smile to him.

‘So what would you eat today?’ He asked his loyal customer of many years with a lot of zest.

‘You know by now what it is’. She quipped.

‘Yes I know. Ghee golaap jamun, right?’

‘Absolutely!!’ At the mention of it, Torsha almost started salivating.

The soft gulaap jamun melted into her mouth as she relished it to the last bit. Her taste buds were awakened. Her soul was satisfied.

Content and happy she was aware that she might gain a few more calories due to this sweet, but then for now, she just wanted to bask in its divine taste.

‘Why worry about silly things like body image that doesn’t really matter? Food makes me genuinely happy and I have all the right to be so. What will be will be.” She revelled.



This is my Day 17 post for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter, where one has to blog for all the 26 days in April, except Sundays, on a particular theme.

My theme for the challenge is ‘Short Stories’

Please read my most liked story on this challenge so far, if you can spare some more time.


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