Short Stories

Number #35 – Short Story (3 mins read)

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Abhishek had the letter in his hands, the watchman of his hostel had handed it over to him this morning. He read and re-read the letter many times over. How, just how can she write to him after all these years? It was in the 1st year in college that Dipanwita, his ‘Dipa’ left him just like that. No reason was furnished to him, there was apparently none either.

They were going by happily, shared each other’s notes, tiffins and what not. And after months of endless phone calls and whatsApp chats, she had announced that she felt “suffocated” in the relationship. Before he could make any head or tail of the situation, she was gone. Not just from her life, from the college, the city. She left the college mid way, saying she has lost interest in studying Engineering and wishes to study something more into the “creative” stream. Abhishek had to accept everything. after weeks of depression and abusing himself, he had finally made peace with life. And now after 4 years, she is here writing a letter to him, asking him to meet her!

The letter had no address of the sender, just the receiver. It was strange that after all these years, she had still written this letter referring to him as “Abhi”, the name by which only she called him in college.

The contains of the letter clearly stated that she is regretting her decision now after 4 years and wishes to come back to his life now, and to that effect, she wishes to meet him in person and talk to him.

Abhishek lit up a cigarette now. His mind is wheezing with the flashes of the various moments that he and Dipanwita spent together. How happy there were, how so ‘perfectly’ happy. The thought of re-uniting with his Dipa warmed the cockles of his heart. He dressed up to leave for the venue where she had asked him to meet her. At the entrance of Koramangala Mall. He looked at the room.

His bed was strewn with books as he planned to study for his first year exams that was about to begin soon. The wardrobe told him that he didn’t have a single well pressed shirt right now which he can wear for going out, all his shirts are is crumpled and crushed. The mirror beside the window showed him his sick bearded look. Abhishek felt let down by his present situation. He checked his watch, it was 11.30 am, Dipanwita had asked him to reach the spot at 2 in her letter. If he had to get ready, he must not waste any more time. He rushed off to the nearest saloon and got his hair and beard done and got a shirt ironed on the way back. It was 12. 45 pm. He could barely keep his excitement anymore now.

“What’s the harm in going to there in a little early. After Dipa should not wait for me a single moment.” He thought to himself. He grabbed the wallet lying on his bed, put it in his pocket and just as he was about to move out of the room, the door bell rang. He opened the door.

A Young guy from the same hostel was standing at the door, he was his senior in the University. “Why has he come now?” Abhishek felt slightly annoyed. He quickly told him, “Its regrading the hostel contribution for Diwali celebration right that you must have come? I am in a hurry now, will comeback and speak to you and other seniors in the evening. Is that fine?”

The guy looked straight at him and said, ‘It’s not regarding any contribution brother, I am Abhilash. The watchman told me that he has delivered a letter to you wrongly. You must be having it right?”

Abhishek was a little surprised. He replied in the affirmative.

Abhilash said, “Actually that stupid watchman mistook my room as yours. It was clearly written in the letter that its for Room Number #45, which is my room, but the watchman thought that you live in 45 and gave it to you. That’s a very private letter from my girl friend. I hope you haven’t opened it?”

Abhishek was aghast! He took out the letter from his Jeans pocket quietly and gave it to Abhilash. Abhilash after seing an opened, unsealed letter, went into a frenzy and started hurling abuses at Abhishek. In utter disbelieve of the whole situation, Abhishek went blank and couldn’t hear anything. “So it wasn’t my letter? Dipa didn’t write to me?” He kept thinking about it. The rest of the world was lost to him and he sank in the misery of it all. He stood there at the threshold of the door, slouching against the door, as Abhilash walked away.

The watchman came upstairs after sometime. Abhishek was still standing there. The watchman apologized for wrongly delivering the letter to him and told him that Abhilash had thrashed him badly for the same. Abhishek listened to him without speaking a word. Something deep inside him had broken once again after all these years. The pain was several notches higher than what it was the last time. He slowly shut the door close and went inside his room.

Outside, the watchman took out a small notepad from his shirt’s pocket and wrote down meticulously over it – “Abhishek Misra – Room Number #35”


This is my Day 14 post for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter, where one has to blog for all the 26 days in April, except Sundays, on a particular theme.

My theme for the challenge is ‘Short Stories’

Please read my most liked story on this challenge so far, if you can spare some more time.


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