Short Stories

Jacob – Short Story (3 mins read)

Jacob D’costa was sitting at the balcony of his old, dilapidated mansion. Sipping his evening tea, his mind slipped into the wonderful days that he and his family enjoyed long ago. After all, it is only these momories of the past that he had now. Rest everything else is in ruins.

Long ago, this huge mansion had many people living together, merrily, singing away life. Jacob lived with his parents, wife and children. Also, his maternal grandmother lived with them, adding to the wholesomeness of this big joyous family. But his happiness didnt last long and tradegy hit him one after the other. His parents left him after few years, his son died in a tragic road accident and his daughter committed suicide, the reason of which was not quite known. However, what really jolted Jacob forever was the mysterious death of his beloved wife.

She had gone to the graveyard to pay her visits to her dead children, Jacob was away for business at that time. He came back and got to know that his wife Violet died in the graveyard. One of his neighbours had gone their and found her lying unconscious over the grave of her son, seated on the ground with her heads downe. She was taken to the hospital and declared ‘brought dead’. How she died, no one knew. So, in a matter of few years, this huge mansion turned into a God forsaken den where Jacob too was dying a slow death. His granny was still alive and at a time when he should have been taking care of her, it was she who attended to him.

She too was terribly disturbed off late and feared for Jacob’s health, she believed he was losing his mental balance rapidly. He was speaking gibberish and sometimes things quite unnatural to her.

She tried to reason it out with Jacob that what he was saying wasn’t possible at all, but Jacob wouldn’t agree. So bereaved was he post losing his wife and children that reason didn’t have any role to play in his life.

One day Jacob’s Granny couldn’t find Jacob anywhere in the house. She went out and searched in the nearby places, but to no avail. Finally she saw a little note lying over the tea table on the balcony. It read:

“Granny, you never believed me when I told you that Violet and I meet at the graveyard and talk about our children and days together. Last night she met me again and asked me to meet her in the grave, she told me that she would take me somewhere from there. I told her that I would go wherever she took me. This life without her and my children is not worth living at all. I know they are all waiting for me. So I am leaving. Don’t search for me anymore.”

Where did he go? Who came and took him away? How can he meet his dead wife after all these years? The old woman was aghast. She quickly called the local police and asked them to go and check the graveyard for her grandson. Police immediately reached the mentioned spot.

Jacob was found lying there, his heads down, over the grave of his wife in the exact position that his wife was found dead, few years back.

He was found dead.

This is my Day 10 post for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter, where one has to blog for all the 26 days in April, except Sundays, on a particular theme.

My theme for the challenge is ‘Short Stories‘.

Please read my most liked story on this challenge so far, if you can spare some more time😊😊.


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