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Freaky Friday! – Short Story (5mins read)

freaky friday

Life for me always revolved around the world of movies and its characters. I am what you would call a pure “movie-holic”, if there is something like that. Watching a movie at the theater is something I cannot miss for anything. I like to binge watch all that the world of entertainment wants to throw at people like us. Maybe I am a depressed soul, looking for escapism or maybe I am just looking for vicarious pleasures. My favorite hangout is not a mall or a café ofcourse, it’s the multiplex. I even interned at a multiplex once, but couldn’t work for more than a week. The envy of missing out on films was too much for me to bear.

The day of the biggest ensemble Superhero Movie had finally arrived. 5 years in the making, this film was sure to be a global blockbuster. As a movie lover I have been waiting for this for over a year, ever since the first teaser was released online. Pre-bookings for the movie started a week back. But my internet connection was down and I couldn’t book the tickets on time. So I went directly to the theater to do the advance booking. Much to my anticipation, there was a huge line. When I reached the counter, the person said the last ticket was sold to the guy before you. Damn!! The next 3-4 days I planned to leave office early and book the ticket from different cinemas. But my bad luck continued. My snobby boss, who had last seen a movie a decade ago, made me work late into the night. No excuses worked. Maybe he knew I always come up with some excuse or the other to escape work.

Friday night arrived. The movie was released to rave reviews. It seemed everyone was watching it except me. I now regretted not making any meaningful friends and being too choosy while befriending people. Yes, friends would have helped. It was Friday and I didn’t want to go home because on weekends Multiplex was my second home. I started roaming the city to find if there was any multiplex left where I could get a ticket. I thought about my childhood when tickets used to be sold in black. Nobody went empty handed. I drove through the outskirts of the city in desperation now which led me to strange new roads. I kept asking people if there is any theater around, but couldn’t get an answer. It was almost 10 pm by then and I decided to give up my chase. Just then, I came across a theater. I spotted it through its name “Holly Jolly Cinema”. It obviously didn’t look like a multiplex. I thought about turning back because firstly there were no hoardings of the movie that they were playing and secondly I despised single screen halls. I am a techno geek who cannot live without his gadgets. But the name Holly made me think that maybe they play Hollywood cinema. I was kind of sure that I might play my superhero movie as that is the only popular film in the city now. Few lights were flickering so I guessed it wasn’t closed yet. I entered the counter. There was someone sitting whom I couldn’t see clearly in dim light. I ask where the concerned movie is being played. He said “We play every movie that you want and you will get the best experience ever”. I was kind of freaked out by this eerie way of talking but then my desire to watch the movie superseded my fear of this strange and this weird place. He gave me a ticket. No movie name was mentioned on the ticket. When I expressed my concern about this, he said “Just go inside and enjoy your movie sir”. I didn’t think twice. I entered the theater and it was all empty. Now I am quite used to watching movies with just 2 or 3 folks in the hall, so I didn’t think much about it. I then waited and waited for the movie to start but then 15 minutes went without anything. I got up and headed towards the exit to ask the screening man about what’s happening. Just when I was about to reach the door, a bright light enveloped me and I think I fainted.

I opened my eyes looking at the crystal clear sky and to the sweet smell of the sea. I took in the ambience for few seconds then woke up with a jolt. Is this a dream? Where am I? I was a huge ship and there people around me walking, talking in strange clothes. The ship was huge. It looked beautiful. The people around me were talking in archaic English. I was walking around in a dazed state when I bumped into a handsome guy. He looked very familiar. No, I recognized him instantly. Who couldn’t? He was a big star. I pinched myself to check if it was a reality. Indeed it was, I just came face to face with Leonardo Dicaprio. I was amazed and thought to myself, which movie as he shooting in this ship? I looked at him for sometime. He looked so young. I said “Hello Mr. Leonardo, Big fan of your work.” He replied saying, “What? What are you talking my friend?” I was puzzled by his reply. He left and I being his ardent fan, started followed him through the hallway of the ship and saw him secretly meeting a lady. It was none other the beautiful Kate Winslet. He closed the door. I waited outside for some time so that I can meet him again and take his autograph or something. He didn’t come out for a long time. Fortunately for me, there was a small opening in the door. I peeked inside and saw things seemed quite familiar to me. He had already finished painting her portrait and now they were making love. Then suddenly Leo and Kate make a run from that place. All this suddenly reminds me of something. A scary feeling creeps through me. Just then, I hear a loud thud and the ship shakes violently. Now everything makes sense to me. I know why Leonardo and Kate Winslet are together in the ship. I know why Leo looks so young. The loud thud and shaking is nothing but the famous drowning incident of the Titanic. I haven’t traveled back in time or anything. I have just somehow slipped inside the movie Titanic itself and now I might drown with the ship itself.

ending 1

This is my Day 6 post for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter, where one has to blog for all the 26 days in April, except Sundays, on a particular theme.

You can also read my Theme reveal post for this challenge and my Day 5 post.


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