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Daisy the wonder girl – Short story (2 mins read)

daisy 1

Little Daisy is my neighbour. All of 6 years now, she has this magic about herself for which is inexplicable in words.

It so happened that one day, while on my regular morning walk, I noticed a little puppy lying motionless near our building gate. It was rather painful looking at the pitiful figure of the tiny one lying on the floor. We thought its dead and was about to make arrangements for its cremation. Few other fellow walkers also gathered meanwhile. Daisy’s Dad, uncle Joseph was also there amongst the small gathering of morning walkers who stood by the dead body of the puppy discussing further proceedings.

Daisy heard all of us talking but her eyes were transfixed at the puppy. She went near the puppy and stared at it for sometime, her father quickly pulled her closer, telling her things that didn’t seem to bother much about. She gave one last look at it and promptly told her Dad, “Daddy, I will take the little puppy with me home. Its isn’t dead, trust me it isn’t.” There was something about the sincerity in her tone that made all of us wonder how the child was saying so.

Uncle Joseph was reluctant initially but had to relent to his daughter’s demand as Daisy was adamant, she won’t leave the spot without the puppy. So it was decided. There she was, a little one, carrying another little one in her lap like a Pro. Such an adorable moment it was for all of us to cherish.

Next day morning, I met Joseph uncle during my walk and much to my amazement, he told me that the puppy was very much alive and as they say was ‘kicking’ as well. It was  showing steady signs of recovery and with Daisy by its side, it was recuperating really fast.

An animal that we had declared dead few weeks back was playing in our complex garden now with its healer and benefactress – Daisy. Such incidents tell us that there is so much to learn from our children, their ability to love unconditionally is unmatched, unsoiled & unadulterated.

That day, may be none of us had observed the animal the way Daisy did, however, it amazes me till date how a 6 year old could say with such surety that the puppy wasn’t dead, that it was alive.  Well, for everyone Daisy is the little angel with the heart of a gold but for me she the the wonder girl.


ending 1


This is my Day 4 post for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter, where one has to blog for all the 26 days in April, except Sundays, on a particular theme.

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