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Aruna’s confession – Short Story (5 mins read)

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Aruna’s worst fears have come true, she has been anticipating this for a while now. Her otherwise loving husband Keshav was a highly sensitive man who turned ballistic if his emotions were hurt. And Aruna had done just that.

Aruna opened her WhatsApp for the first time in the morning on her way to office and found that the ping from Sunil was already ‘read’. This was a new message from him after a long time.

The chat read “Aruna, this is the last time I am pinging you. Tomorrow as you already know, I am leaving for our Delhi office. Will work there for a month before I shift permanently. The memories we created together would be etched in my mind forever. Probably i would never be able to forget you in my life. Love you. Byee.”

The time of this message was 8.26 am. Who opened her phone and read the chat? It’s 10.35 now and she is reading it for the first time! Who read it then before her? Her face turned pale with the thought.

Her heart started racing faster with every passing second. ‘Has Keshav come to know everything now?’ She thought to herself.

She could almost hear her heart thumping in her chest. It was 11 am, she couldn’t contain herself anymore and texted Keshav hurriedly.

“Keshav, didn’t get the time to say goodbye to you this morning. Did you reach office on time after dropping Megha in school?”

There was no reply to that. Well, Keshav many a times doesn’t get the time to reply if he is in some meeting, however today’s silence was killing Aruna.

She just couldn’t focus on her work anymore now. She left her desk, took a cup of coffee and sipping the hot beverage made up her mind. She would tell Keshav everything today. Enough of living in this fear. And why not? It’s all over after all. Yes, she and Sunil were mere colleagues in the beginning who became good friends over a period of time. How their relationship became special and much more than mere friendship was something that even she didn’t realise. It all just happened. They both loved each other’s company immensely and couldn’t restrain themselves from feeling this “beautiful feeling”.

Aruna had to confess today of her activities. Yes, it was wrong. It was ‘immoral’ and decadent as per the society. Her heart sunk with the idea of having to say all this to Keshav, but now with Keshav having read the chat from Sunil, she knew, there was no escaping it.

She reached home early. Megha, her daughter kept asking her several questions regarding some video game that Aruna had no clue about. Her mind was wheezing with so many thoughts.

The clock ticked away. It was 7.45 pm. Keshav’s car arrived outside their building. Aruna knew, she had to face it now.

Keshav entered the living room and flung the car keys at Aruna just the way he did it everyday. Aruna caught the keys promptly, dreading the imminent.

Keshav gave out a ear-to-ear smile at Aruna and asked for a cup of coffee to the maid Vimla. Aruna stood there confounded.

Megha ran into the room and jumped into her father’s lap. “Papaaaa..Will you allow me to play the game now? I have finished my homework. Please papa.”

“So you finished your homework is it? OK, I will. Give me a five!!”

Aruna watched all of this in utter amazement. What was going on? Why is Keshav behaving as if nothing has happened?

“Aruna, can you please give me your mobile for a while? Actually I had given your phone to her in the morning so that she is engaged for sometime while I can quickly finish some pending office stuff. You were taking a shower then. She discovered some game in your phone. Don’t know what all she must have clicked. And now she wants to play it again. In the morning, I somehow managed to pull her out of that set by saying she will get it only if she finishes her homework in the evening. And now, here she is.” Keshav looked at his daughter with an affectionate smile.

Aruna gave a wry smile and walked towards the bedroom, her office bag was lying there. She pulled out her mobile from her bag. Opened her WhatsApp chat. Blocked Sunil’s number forever.

Little Megha was dying to play the game, she followed her mother to the room. She clasled her mother from behind and begged for the phone. Aruna kissed her daughter and held her close to her bosom. A tear or two escaped her eyes. She gave the phone to her daughter. Megha was super delighted and flung herself on the bed. In no time she was engrossed into the set.

Did Aruna heave a sigh of relief?

Well, only she knew.

This is my first post for the #BlogchatterAtoZ challenge organized by Blogchatter, where one has to blog for all the 26 days in April, except Sundays, on a particular theme.

You can read my Theme reveal post here.



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  1. Thank you so much!! Will look forward to your feedback in my following posts. I really need this motivation. Have taken up this challenge. Just hope I survive it. 😊😊


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