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Book review: Just Another Day by Pijusha Vir

Three relatable stories that make for a quick read on the go


As an avid reader on Amazon’s kindle, I got instantly hooked on to this new title today that had a very attractive cover page. I quickly grabbed the eBook and finished reading it in one go. Pijusha Vir, debuts with this book and I must say, she has done a good job at that.

Just Another Day – things that can happen in a day, narrates three stories that happen in the span of a single day. Published by Readomania this book of only 35 pages makes for a quick read on the go.

The stories are written in a moderately racy style building up the momentum for the climax and ends on a deeper, twistier note. All the three stories are incidents that can well happen in our day to day lives yet has a drama to it that’s quite unpredictable by the reader, as the author herself says in her blurb, “Can life be that unpredictable as it unfolds in a span of 24 hours only? Is it really just another day?”

The first story ‘Writers Circle’ talks about a woman, also a writer, who finds herself in the midst of a police investigation. While others are worried about the interrogation, she is more worried about getting back to writing, as she hadn’t had the time to do so in the recent weeks. It is only in the end that we realize what had transpired the night before.

The second story “Happy Birthday, Saisha” narrates day-long turn of events that topples the ‘oh so good’ life of Saisha completely on her 25th birthday. This story however, is more than just that. It also highlights, the various hypocrisies in the society regarding women and the basic rights that they struggle for every day of their lives. Sample this brilliant paragraph, “I worked doubly hard. I worked more than I should have and got paid much less than what I deserved. I started working even at home. I’d be sick with fever or my body racked with period pains and I would be lying in bed, typing away furiously – emails, proposals, ideas, etc. … I could have taken an off. I was entitled to one. It was long due. I had been working for over a year. It was company policy. But it wasn’t company policy to treat men and women equal.”

The 3rd story is called “Elevator Tales” that deals with the deep attraction that a person feels for an a handsome young man as they keep meeting coincidentally in their elevator. The story keeps us hooked through the various emotions that this adolescent feels for the young guy, the ‘adonis’ as he is fondly referred to. It is only in the end that we come to know the realities of both these characters.

With simple flow of words and crisp narratives, this book of three short stories make for a quick afternoon read.

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